Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Seems (*sewing reference haha) like I have been blabbering on about learning to sew for years now! well finally I am learning, I have signed up with Miss Mary Sewing Classes, soooo exciting I will be sure to take pics of my progress for this week... I think it took me about 50 hours to select fabric for my first project, I am pretty sure the ladies at spotlight had a good laugh, oh well! here are some pics of the sewing machine I have on loan, not sure how old it is but I suspect minimum 40yrs? its fantastic, I love the fact that it has an 'expand-a-matic' however it is a workout carrying it anywhere!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tote crazy!

it is no secret that I love a good tote bag! my love of the tote was what pushed me to start creating my own, something lovely to carry all of my junk around in and a pretty alternative for grocery shopping, instead of those green bags... and now my totes are in this great book, hooray super exciting! there are soooo many great makers, illustrators and designers featured in this book and it feels very weird to be including along side them! also I cant wait to use the Gemma Correll tote that comes with it yay!! It was put together by Jitesh Patel (a very talented UK designer) and published by Laurence King check it out!