Friday, May 29, 2009

new bits...

01. 'home tweet home'
02. gelato elephant
03. elephant smarts
04. i love hugs

new tags and badges to match!

hello stranger?

well, well, has been a tiny while sorry for the neglect! i have been hard at day job work plus a little champ + rosie work too. this week has been great, weather wise plenty of winter sunshine, i have spent most lunchtimes sunning myself in the great park (enjoying yummy sushi lunches) near work, and today was no exception!

i have revised my little website (my web skills are finally coming along!) so check it out here, i thought it needed a couple of real pics also, a few of my new backing cards and bc's arrived today....they are a little bit darker than i had imagined but hey who can complain they were a sweet little price! i will post some pics tomorrow....

Goals for the long weekend (mostly upmarket related)
1. finish canvas prints
2. package badge sets
3. find trestle tablecloth (i have a feeling this was part of a recent poker night...)
4. make it to the rosie for $10 pizza + pints, yum!

Friday, May 15, 2009

in the west!

A very big thank you to the lovely Laura Phillips from the West's habitat, for featuring champ+rosie, check it out...we love press!

Monday, May 4, 2009

afternoon treats!

well, just a quick little post whilst i am gobbling down my sushi. Below are some pics i took last night of some new designs which will be available at June upmarket (& etsy soon!) 'TEA?' (which has a matching badge!) and also 'PEARS ARE SO YUM' two things which I love.....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

and the countdown begins...

I can not believe that we are in may already? can someone please tell me where the start of this year has gone? well, my countdown has begun for the next perth upmarket yay + a little panic! I have been working on a few updated designs and bitsnpieces some wont be ready for june (so you'll just to have to hang out til september upmarket!) but most will, hooray...below are a few of the badges + magnets, the teapot is definitely getting its own canvas (the piece of paper that they are all sitting on will be a canvas too - pears are yum!) and maybe the red owl and bird also? hopefully some more cute little characters will be making an appearance soon!
Last week was a busy stock week, i sent off my big order (finally!) to dorothy&evelyn and etsy picked up quite a bit too which was great! although people seem to be a little tighter with their wallets at the mo which is understood! but i guess once the 'financial crisis' is over things will be back to normal...oh and i guess the swine flu needs to be over too YUK! cough-cough, that's really not appropriate is it, sorry :(
This week is definitely going to be a busy at my 'real job' its only a four day working week for me but there is a lot to be done, so champ + rosie may get a little neglected, along with the blog,boo! (and maybe some housework!) but i will try and at least post some pics of the new canvas art, yay!