Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New stock for the new year...

well, there has already been some luck for the new year! shortly I will be stocking with Dorothy & Evelyn a gorgeous little boutique in St Kilda who also have an online store (for those not in Melbourne, like me!) they sell some really great vintage fashion and nicnacs along with some beautiful items by Australian designers, check them out! champ + rosie should be available soon...

Monday, January 19, 2009

back into the swing....sort of?

well, the holidays are well and truly over! and its time to return to the real world... i have thought about making a few new items over the break and hopefully in the coming weeks i will get cracking on them. I really need to update my etsy site with the whole range....a little slack on my behalf.
I have already started planning for perth upmarket (8th March don't forget it!) and yes I am already excited! I definitely need to make more bitsnpieces this time, i guess its hard to judge qtys for your first time. Also, i really need to look how better to display my stuff...everyone seemed to have fab looking equipment, i need to find some!
By the way some possibly excited news if you live in St Kilda....stay tuned