Friday, July 31, 2009

cake anyone?

After a very looooonnnnggg week just a quick post! thought i would share a couple of pics of some cards i designed for a friend of a friend, i think they turned out pretty well and she was wrapped with them! hopefully some follow on work too! i am hoping to build up a bit more of my freelance design work so stay tuned for more updates very soon...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

new tote on etsy!

my new autumn tree tote is up on etsy don't forget to check it out! I sold a few yesterday at made on the left, it was a good day a little quieter than i expected but it was a good because i pretty much ran the stall by myself...i think today would have been busy i ran out of time to pop down and check it out though :( stay tuned for an update on some exciting greeting cards & gift tags (just in time for September upmarket! Sunday September 13th put it in your diaries now!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

if you are in Canberra....

...around nicholls in particular why not stop by The Style Emporium a totally gorgeous shop who is soon to be stocking champ + rosie, big thanks to Kerist!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

mid week inspiration!

woohoo its Wednesday! midweek is the best...its just that little bit closer to the weekend! (which will be full of crafting for me!) my friend from work brought in this gorgeous little folder that she picked up overseas, i just love it! so cute and well thought out, i think its screen printed?...i really like the layering used to create the image very smarty pants! (i have to tried to capture it below!) its from midori very cute Little knick-knacs!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

wind up!

well, this week has been busy and quite fruitful! i got heaps done for made on the left, dont forget to come say hi i will be there on Saturday 25 june! and my popsicle stock which i am very excited about too.
Yesterday confirmed that I am a total paper hoarder! i just love textured, coloured , patterned, unusual pretty much all papers and yes i seem to have quite the collection! i found some cute patterned paper which i bought a while ago (i thought i misplaced it!) i couldn't remember if i bought it for a specific reason, so i thought i would try my hand at making a couple of envelopes (pics below) whilst waiting for things to print and dry, i think they turned out really well, there is just something so beautiful and friendly about handmade envelopes I really wanted to make some cute little cards to fit in them but i ran out of time! hhmmm.....just imagine champ + rosie patterned papers made into envelopes....i could be onto something here? also, I am desperately needing to make some more calico totes the supply level is next to none! so i thought i would introduce a new tote into the mix, its the same print from one of my canvas art pieces hope you like it!
cute handmade envelopes...
new tote design...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

trade show tribute!

thanks to Bec from dorothy & evelyn who will be representing me at Design:Made:Trade and also Life in Style (trade only). Check out their absolutely amazing sites for all of the info I wish I could go in across the other side of the country probably a small issue! I have checked out the gallery and it really does look amazing and soooooo inspiring! also, noticed Boniko will be at the Design:Made:Trade our stalls are next to each other at perth upmarket, i love these gorgeous socks and the cute little critters you can make out of them....

Friday, July 3, 2009


champ + rosie will be arriving at Renegade Handmade in Chicago very shortly!! A big thanks to Sue & Kate, check our their beautiful site here (i am absolutely loving their great illustration style!) also check out Renegade craft fairs around the US they make me want to get on a plane and soak up the sunny craft fun (perth cold winter boooo!!!!)