Sunday, July 12, 2009

wind up!

well, this week has been busy and quite fruitful! i got heaps done for made on the left, dont forget to come say hi i will be there on Saturday 25 june! and my popsicle stock which i am very excited about too.
Yesterday confirmed that I am a total paper hoarder! i just love textured, coloured , patterned, unusual pretty much all papers and yes i seem to have quite the collection! i found some cute patterned paper which i bought a while ago (i thought i misplaced it!) i couldn't remember if i bought it for a specific reason, so i thought i would try my hand at making a couple of envelopes (pics below) whilst waiting for things to print and dry, i think they turned out really well, there is just something so beautiful and friendly about handmade envelopes I really wanted to make some cute little cards to fit in them but i ran out of time! hhmmm.....just imagine champ + rosie patterned papers made into envelopes....i could be onto something here? also, I am desperately needing to make some more calico totes the supply level is next to none! so i thought i would introduce a new tote into the mix, its the same print from one of my canvas art pieces hope you like it!
cute handmade envelopes...
new tote design...

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