Friday, October 30, 2009

saturday morning sunshine!

This morning i have been a little addicted to the internet...but some good finds i though i would share this one with you. Continuing with my wallpaper hunt i stumbled across decor maisonabsolutely beautiful design from this swedish based company, and some very awesome creative advertising/styling for their Oasis collection below are some screen grabs from their site (which is worth a look, a lot of effort here!)

ohh lala 2010 never looked so cute....

new champ + rosie calendar available online now from here and of course at perth upmarket

Thursday, October 22, 2009

friday fattener

Today i discovered the lovely world of homemade pikelets! probably one of the most simple things to make ever, only 4 ingredients needed. I dont think I would ever buy any store made ones ever again! totally yum with a bit of jam (maybe some cream if you want to be a little more decadent!)...anyway the real post is about a couple of markets on this sunday in Perth i wont be selling at them but i will be buying!

First is distracted little market day put on by distracted merchants of fancy, a glorious husband and wife team, the market runs from 10am - 4pm this sunday 25th october at the rear of their store 24 Oxford Street, Leederville. Entry will be from Marian Street. Two dear ladies i studied with will be selling their wares there, under their label of Mitchell & Dent along with the super talented perth crafter craftapolooza i am not sure who else will be there but i think thats part of the excitement! then i will be heading just a few suburbs away to the subiaco craft fair which is also from 10am - 4pm held on the oak lawn at UWA Hackett Drive, Crawley. I will definitely be checking out some future shelter wares, their lamps are just gorgeous! hopefully i can pop up some pics of the day and purchases too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

new year...already?

here is a little peek at my almost ready 2010 calendar, each month features a very cute little missy! its C6 size (like a greeting card) so after you pop it up for the month you might like to frame it and enjoy it for the rest of year! it is printed onto a heavy weight cotton archival paper....available soon online and at perth upmarket christmas edition

Friday, October 16, 2009

its beginning to look a lot like christmas?

well maybe? there is only around 10 weeks to i thought i would get in super early with something to get you in the mood! a cute set of 3 badge tags in two different colourways you can take a peek online or in the flesh at christmas upmarket

Thursday, October 15, 2009

far too long!

well, yet again i have been neglecting my blog! but i am posting about some new little things to make up for it?
below are some pics of the new magnet sets freshly uploaded to my shop they are somewhat an indulgence for my love of beautifully designed chairs which has been filling my head lately....and also a bit of a stand for all the other design geeks out there! i hope you enjoy can also find these at the perth upmarket christmas edition 29 November at the Perth town hall