Friday, December 26, 2008



Merry Christmas everyone! here is a pic of my dog champ taken last Christmas with his reindeer ears on, he doesn't look very impressed but he seems to still love me....also a very big thank you to my Perth upmarket helper Alex pictured below, hope to see you all again at the march upmarket :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I can't thank you enough....

PerthUpmarket was great!

A very big thank you to all of my customers yesterday at perth Upmarket, the day was a complete success!!! I received such great feedback, so many lovely comments and I made plenty of sales! I am cleaned out of canvas prints at the moment except for about three, but I will be making some more this week for my online store. I also, had a few cute square prints which were snapped up yesterday, these are a bit difficult to post so they may become a market item only or special request! I really need to make more prints for next time, but hey its was my first stall, the next one will be bigger and better!

Thank you all again for such a great day. Here are a couple of pics (just from my phone!) hopefully some better ones soon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you are in Melbourne...

If you are around North Melbourne anytime soon, dont forget to pop into Thread Den A very big thank you to the lovely Thread Den ladies who will be stocking a few of my badge sets, be quick to grab them before Christmas!

Perth upmarket is only two more scary but so exciting. I only have a couple of bits and pieces left to do, hooray! I cant wait. see you all then, make sure you come and say hi!

Monday, December 1, 2008

its tuesday....

today has been a happy and a ggrrrr kind of day, a bit of good and a bit of not so good! anyway I made many more canvas prints and had a couple more etsy sales too yay :) below is sneak peek at some of the handmade canvas prints which will be on sale at perth upmarket...only a couple to replace and 8 squares to go!!! getting super excited....

also, here is a really great blog called print & pattern so much inspiration and great work. I only came across it yesterday (whilst eating my lunch!) but I think its been around for ages...enjoy!

a mini lift?

The weekend has come and gone :( a lot was done including eight canvas prints and thirty mini magnets!!! a power effort, not to mention a mini face lift for my website (a work in progress...) its not huge but it will get bigger and better as I polish my web skills in my space time (ha!) Also, some exciting news from the end of last week, if you are in Melbourne stay tuned....

Friday, November 28, 2008


yay! it's friday, a busy-busy-busy weekend ahead, all fun though! here are some of the cute new badges I have been making from a couple of coloured pencil sketches....these will maybe (hopefully!) be up on etsy on the weekend

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

and the countdown begins...

wow! there are only around 17 days until perth upmarket and I have been working hard! Last night I finished filling up my badge displays all done! although, I will probably make some extra just in case....I have just finished making four more new canvas there are only magnets, christmas tags and a few more canvas prints left to go!!!

here is a peek at a new print (complete with my shadow!), I am really loving this one at the moment (if I can say that) it reminds me of back when everyone seemed to have a set of flying ceramic ducks up on their kitchen/dining wall! I think this is the modern version I would love to see these guys made from ceramics hanging up in my lounge room one day...I guess the print will have to do for now.

I have also put together a few new prints, you can expect....robots (yes, I have made them somewhat girlie but still boyish enough for the males!), more birds, some cute elephants, a couple more in the series of rosie, some retro mamma's and the others you will just have to wait to see!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A marathon day...somewhat!

well, today has been like no other monday, no time for mondayitis...

I feel like I have done sooo much;
• been to work for 8 hours
• visited my lovely post office friends!
• taken a trip to officeworks
• made 60 badges
• made 4 canvas prints
• filled orders from etsy
• played with my dog
• taken some photos (which I may reshoot tomorrow?)

tomorrow i will....
• go to work again!
• visit my lovely post office friends again!
• try and visit a craft store in joondana
• fix my badges onto their backing
• unpick staples
• make more canvas prints
• play with my dog
• go for a run (I am really hoping for this one!)

crazy times!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

making friends at the Post Office....

So, I am thinking that people at the post office are either beginning to like me as a regular or are saying 'not her again, how much mail does she have to post? can't she buy all of her parcel bags at once?' I am hoping for the first scenario!

I have had a few etsy sales this week, hence the post office comments! I got a bit done yesterday for Perth upmarket and I still have plenty to do :) I also managed to find sometime to add in a few new designs (mostly birds! and also some cute retro-looking ladies. All will be revealed soon.....

Also, on the weekend I went down to made on the left at the hyde park, it was a great showing, so many cute things I really like Hurrah, amazing cute little animals and things. I am super excited about perth upmarket yay!!!

I also sent out a bit of an email about what I have been up to with champ + rosie, thank you for all of your nice comments :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

On the way...

It has been a tiny while since my last post, but its been busy, busy, busy! trimming, designing, printing, driving, packaging, searching, buying, hand-pressing...I think this sums it all up. I have added in a few new designs to the badges as you can see below, along with the start of some Christmas themed things! cute little gift tags with Christmas badges in slightly retro colours (I am not so much a fan of the traditional gold Christmas...) attached to some really nice uncoated, textured heavy card. All available via my little etsy store! keep an eye for the growing range...

Cute little Christmas badge gift tags

some of the new range...

some of the new range...

Friday, October 31, 2008

yay, perth upmarket here I come!

Yay, how exciting I am going to be one of the retailers at Perth Upmarket, December 14th, yay! I can't wait, I have been busy this week shopping around for a few display stands and bits n pieces (quite hard to check it all out on your lunch hour without running over time!) I found a couple of things at Storeworks in Osborne Park and still need to track down a couple of other things... a few trips around town will use up all of next weeks lunchtimes I bet!
I have also been working hard to add to the collection of drawings, there will be a couple of coloured pencil numbers in the badge range (birds - who would have thought?) and possibly on canvas too. Hopefully by the end of next week I will have my bookmarks printed too!!! a mini range finally, its all coming up rosie...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

up, up and away!

Finally my Etsy store is up and running, hooray! I have only put up a few things at the moment, I have been so busy I haven't had much time to do anything. There are a couple of magnets whihc I will put up soon (similar designs to the button badges) and also a few sqaure canvas art pieces and (a possibility at this stage!) calico bags featuring a couple of drawings....these might take a bit of trial and error, so watch this space!!! note my mini etsy disply to the right (how exciting!)

The weather is finally starting to heat up hooray, whihc means I will be able to do a bit more after work and get together some new designs, instaed of the usually heater hugging winter hibenation that has been taking place.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


All is going well. Here are some pics showing progress, finally... I hear you all say? yes, finally! we have a long weekend coming up so I will be working hard to put my etsy site and my champ and rosie site too.
I hope you like them!

Button Badge Art – my original illustrations on 1 inch button badges, all are sold in pairs and come attached to printed textured brown backing card (90mm x 55mm).
Also available: 1 inch magnets and keyrings, sold separately .

Canvas Art – a taste of what is to come! transfer onto canvas, mounted to wooden frame (100mm x 150mm)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It is happening!

well, my badge maker and parts finally arrived on Friday! I have spent this morning trying it out, at first I had the parts in the wrong way (yes, always wanting to jump in without reading the instructions...) but after a quick read it was all on. Here are some of the badges I made featuring my own illustrations, I am having the packaging printed at the moment so, they should all be available for sale very soon via my Etsy site keep an eye out for the canvas prints too.

Top left: the chew sisters - here is one of the cheeky duo
Top + bottom right: birdies, a huge feature through both my badges and canvas art
Bottom left: in disguise - one of a series of three cute creatures who love to dress in hooded clothing and hats!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost Happening....

Hooray my badge maker is almost here, it shipped last night! soon I will be able to put up some buttons for you to see along with some canvas pics too. I have also ordered a few magnets and keyring backs, so we will see how that goes with delivery time.

I went Perth upmarket on the weekend
It was great to see so many creative people in one place, with such beautifully designed things. I am really hoping to take part in the next one, if I have all of my stuff ready to submit in time that is...

My fav's from Perth upmarket were;

Such lovely work and so professionally packaged, really great owl designs. I love the cards and tags, the notebooks are also very nice. I am a stationery nut!

This is some of the cutest stuff I have ever seen! so tiny and so detailed, I would not have the patience for this!

Oli B Designs
When I have children I want them wearing funky stuff like this.

here it is!