Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost Happening....

Hooray my badge maker is almost here, it shipped last night! soon I will be able to put up some buttons for you to see along with some canvas pics too. I have also ordered a few magnets and keyring backs, so we will see how that goes with delivery time.

I went Perth upmarket on the weekend
It was great to see so many creative people in one place, with such beautifully designed things. I am really hoping to take part in the next one, if I have all of my stuff ready to submit in time that is...

My fav's from Perth upmarket were;

Such lovely work and so professionally packaged, really great owl designs. I love the cards and tags, the notebooks are also very nice. I am a stationery nut!

This is some of the cutest stuff I have ever seen! so tiny and so detailed, I would not have the patience for this!

Oli B Designs
When I have children I want them wearing funky stuff like this.

here it is!

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