Wednesday, September 24, 2008


All is going well. Here are some pics showing progress, finally... I hear you all say? yes, finally! we have a long weekend coming up so I will be working hard to put my etsy site and my champ and rosie site too.
I hope you like them!

Button Badge Art – my original illustrations on 1 inch button badges, all are sold in pairs and come attached to printed textured brown backing card (90mm x 55mm).
Also available: 1 inch magnets and keyrings, sold separately .

Canvas Art – a taste of what is to come! transfer onto canvas, mounted to wooden frame (100mm x 150mm)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It is happening!

well, my badge maker and parts finally arrived on Friday! I have spent this morning trying it out, at first I had the parts in the wrong way (yes, always wanting to jump in without reading the instructions...) but after a quick read it was all on. Here are some of the badges I made featuring my own illustrations, I am having the packaging printed at the moment so, they should all be available for sale very soon via my Etsy site keep an eye out for the canvas prints too.

Top left: the chew sisters - here is one of the cheeky duo
Top + bottom right: birdies, a huge feature through both my badges and canvas art
Bottom left: in disguise - one of a series of three cute creatures who love to dress in hooded clothing and hats!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost Happening....

Hooray my badge maker is almost here, it shipped last night! soon I will be able to put up some buttons for you to see along with some canvas pics too. I have also ordered a few magnets and keyring backs, so we will see how that goes with delivery time.

I went Perth upmarket on the weekend
It was great to see so many creative people in one place, with such beautifully designed things. I am really hoping to take part in the next one, if I have all of my stuff ready to submit in time that is...

My fav's from Perth upmarket were;

Such lovely work and so professionally packaged, really great owl designs. I love the cards and tags, the notebooks are also very nice. I am a stationery nut!

This is some of the cutest stuff I have ever seen! so tiny and so detailed, I would not have the patience for this!

Oli B Designs
When I have children I want them wearing funky stuff like this.

here it is!