Thursday, October 22, 2009

friday fattener

Today i discovered the lovely world of homemade pikelets! probably one of the most simple things to make ever, only 4 ingredients needed. I dont think I would ever buy any store made ones ever again! totally yum with a bit of jam (maybe some cream if you want to be a little more decadent!)...anyway the real post is about a couple of markets on this sunday in Perth i wont be selling at them but i will be buying!

First is distracted little market day put on by distracted merchants of fancy, a glorious husband and wife team, the market runs from 10am - 4pm this sunday 25th october at the rear of their store 24 Oxford Street, Leederville. Entry will be from Marian Street. Two dear ladies i studied with will be selling their wares there, under their label of Mitchell & Dent along with the super talented perth crafter craftapolooza i am not sure who else will be there but i think thats part of the excitement! then i will be heading just a few suburbs away to the subiaco craft fair which is also from 10am - 4pm held on the oak lawn at UWA Hackett Drive, Crawley. I will definitely be checking out some future shelter wares, their lamps are just gorgeous! hopefully i can pop up some pics of the day and purchases too!


craftapalooza said...

hey! nice to see you!

champ + rosie said...

lovely to see you too! great little market day stall, you looked very busy...what a scorcher though!