Monday, January 19, 2009

back into the swing....sort of?

well, the holidays are well and truly over! and its time to return to the real world... i have thought about making a few new items over the break and hopefully in the coming weeks i will get cracking on them. I really need to update my etsy site with the whole range....a little slack on my behalf.
I have already started planning for perth upmarket (8th March don't forget it!) and yes I am already excited! I definitely need to make more bitsnpieces this time, i guess its hard to judge qtys for your first time. Also, i really need to look how better to display my stuff...everyone seemed to have fab looking equipment, i need to find some!
By the way some possibly excited news if you live in St Kilda....stay tuned


2 Young Hinks said...

I bought one of your canvas prints at the December Upmarket and can't wait to buy more in March - they were just beautiful!

craftapalooza said...

Hey! I'll be at upmarket too. :) Love your stuff! We're starting a brown owls craft group in perth if you'd like to join?