Friday, May 29, 2009

hello stranger?

well, well, has been a tiny while sorry for the neglect! i have been hard at day job work plus a little champ + rosie work too. this week has been great, weather wise plenty of winter sunshine, i have spent most lunchtimes sunning myself in the great park (enjoying yummy sushi lunches) near work, and today was no exception!

i have revised my little website (my web skills are finally coming along!) so check it out here, i thought it needed a couple of real pics also, a few of my new backing cards and bc's arrived today....they are a little bit darker than i had imagined but hey who can complain they were a sweet little price! i will post some pics tomorrow....

Goals for the long weekend (mostly upmarket related)
1. finish canvas prints
2. package badge sets
3. find trestle tablecloth (i have a feeling this was part of a recent poker night...)
4. make it to the rosie for $10 pizza + pints, yum!

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