Saturday, August 8, 2009


well! today has been yet another crazy brain day! my brand-spanking new printer arrived yesterday and only took a good part of the day to unpack and set has taken over a huge chunk of my desk space :( well worth it, let me tell you! the quality is so amazing. i did make one art print today as part of a present for my friends little boys christening, its very cute (hope she doesn't read this, it will ruin the surprise!) and it turned out fab, so giclee prints here i come!!! just in time for September upmarket:) I also designed and printed the card below for mum's 60th which is tomorrow i hope she likes it...i printed it on a totally gorgeous piece of uncoated, slightly textured card it seems like all that paper hoarding has finally come in handy (i handmade the envelope from the paper stash too) can also expect to see some cards around my etsy shop very soon (and upmarket too!)

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