Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new pretty things!

Whilst studying design i became quite obsessed with trying to use acyclic and perspex in my assignments, maybe because i was attracted to shiny things? anyway, here we are six years later (geez..dont i feel old!) and i have been drawn back to shiny things! here is a little peek at one of my new brooch designs laser cut from black acrylic/perspex, will this finally be the start of a champ + rosie acrylic and plastics range? mmm...i hope so! a whole lot better than any design assignment i have ever submitted, keep an eye out for big eyed owls and girly tpots popping up soon! mr bird is available to buy here and he will also be making an appearance at perth upmarket.


Mel said...

Beautiful brooches! Saw your badges at Remedy - my fave Perth shop!

champ + rosie said...

thanks Mel, i love remedy too!