Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It seems I am about 13 days late with the happy new year message…but I will say it anyway happy 2010!

What does this year hold for champ + rosie? Well hopefully some exciting new things, there are many ideas running through my mind about new bits n pieces mainly a few textile/fabric prints, new canvasses and a whole bunch of sewing and screen printing….yes I said “sewing” this is the year which I learn to sew and operate my little machine effectively (rather then cursing at and packing it away into the cupboard!) so, I guess stay tuned for progress and rantings!

PS Its no secret that I totally love food, yes my hips will confirm this. These are some pics from taylors in the swan valley one of my favourite little lunch places to go (they also do any amazing breakfast) it’s a little studio, gallery and café. All beautiful home cooked style fresh produce its the sort of place which has mismatched teacups & saucers and serves oj in metal camping cups, a super relaxing vibe.

pics courtesy taylors & me

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