Saturday, July 10, 2010

yet a again...

I have neglected my blog...sorry. So much has been happening lately life is a little crazy!

Perth Upmarket was a couple of sundays ago now and it was just wonderful! great customers, super retailers and yummy food! it was a really, really big day and very busy the crowd was amazing... you can check out some pics here i did take my camera but i haven't downloaded my pics yet... i couldn't even really estimate the number of people but it was huge!

i have been reading a few blogs and facebook pages which have sort of bagged the market i guess? only in the way of the huge crowd and not being able see everything and the space not being big enough...but i think when you go to market days and big events you do have to be prepared to give a little, yes there will be crowds, and some pushing and vendors may sell out of things.. i'm not sure what people expect? but i thought it was a great day and i loved getting out from behind my stall and having a wander around with the rest of the crowd! thanks to the perth upmarket team for putting on such a great event in perth!

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