Friday, November 5, 2010

coming together..

A little while ago I mentioned that I moved house, it was weird going from a brand new house into an 80s exposed brick number! but we are slowly starting to redo bits and pieces which is making it more like home, and now that I am in crazy nesting mode I am sure that things will get done quicker. This is a peak at the dining room, the before is from the previous owners (I kept all of the the old real estate pics for comparison!) I gave into temptation for my replica chairs obsession earlier in the year and when I found them on sale on the net I just couldn't resist! its getting there, and I have finally started to make a few prints from my euro travels from about three years ago... glad to see my hundreds of photos haven't gone to waste just yet.


cerebral e said...

That is about a thousand-fold improvement on the before!

champ + rosie said...

Thanks! I think so too :)

a little something... said...

This looks amazing! Where did you get the chairs please? I am after similar and would love to know where you got them! :)