Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lilla Rogers assignment bootcamp

Wow the deadline for bootcamp assignment 1 is fast approaching! I am almost finished and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed myself so much. The way in which the assignment brief is revealed is great... First Lilla releases a mini assignment which is just really about exploration/drawing based upon a theme and the first theme was Edwardian brooches. The second part of the brief (the major?) is released a week later, I am pleased to say that I did guess correctly and it was a journal! So basically we had to design a journal based upon our exploration done in the mini assignment.

I felt a little weird at first about this structure to be honest, as a graphic designer you always know what the end goal/application is and whom you are trying to target, so to go in and draw blind felt a little strange at first but it was actually amazing because I was really able to just explore drawing freely without an end product or application in mind.  Had I known that the major assignment was to be a journal from the beginning, I think I would of predetermined a direction after only a little exploration and gone with it without allowing myself to just really concentrate on drawing, from which some many other ideas grew.

Below is my mini exploration in full, I can't wait to see everyone elses journals. There is an amazing bunch of talented people in my ecourse, producing some amazing work, a little scary at times but very inspiring. Enjoy! I seriously can not wait for assignment two.

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