Monday, December 21, 2009

love to the op shop

When i was younger i didnt really understand the whole op shopping thing, i remember my mum taking me to a couple and thinking these arent the real "shops" where are all the new things? where are the sparkling lights? why isn't everything made from plastic? and where are all the multiple items in 6 different sizes and 50 different colour combinations?

well i think i have certainly moved on since then! (thank goodness...) i love op shops and the treasures you can find in them, i love that you can ponder where the object has come from? who owned it? where did it sit in their house? what was it used for? and its such a brilliant form of recycling and a great way to contribute to charity. People who work for organisations like the salvos, st vinnies, good sammys and more do a fantastic job and a great service to our society. I regularly browse my local for finds and i love dropping in a bunch of my stuff hoping that someone else will find a little treasure for themselves.


Shella said...

Hey love your post, I too love opshops for the treasures you find!!

But I am so lucky to work in one also and right NOW we have 50% off EVERYTHING for the next 3 days (22nd - 24th December) so anyone reading come in a see what bargains you can find :)

We are located at Unit2/2 Farrall Rd (Cnr Farrall &Great Eastern Hwy) MIDVALE. open 9am - 5pm!!

There is heaps in store, clothing, shoes, books, crafty stuff, jewellery, electrical, toys, bric - a brac!! Oh so much!!

Shella said...

BTW - its The Salvation Army Community Store, just so people know what they are looking for. :)

champ + rosie said...

thanks Shella! i think i would buy way too much if i worked in an op shop :)