Monday, December 14, 2009

market wrap

Market season is over for me this year … I love doing markets because I love to see and meet the people who buy my stuff, I like hearing about where they are going to put it up in their house, what outfit it is going to go with and who it will make a perfect gift for! A little self indulgent really?
The last market I did was subi upmarket a part of the subi festival, it was good, my very first night market! the customers were different to the perth upmarket crowd who are passionately there to buy, buy buy and chat of course (which I love)…. There was plenty of browsing and lots of really cool side events and entertainment. Probably the only things I would knock would be the lighting, I think they ran out of time to put up the spot lights, my stall was not too bad but other people were really in darkness which makes it a bit hard for people to view your wares and I guess the price for a hotdog was a little extravagant at $6 a pop I guess this is the price you pay for eating junkfood! But all in all I think market season was great this year, next year perth upmarket is going to move to UWA which I think will be great for the customers because I often hear about how cramped it is and how hard parking was to find, so the new venue will be fab! Thanks for all of your market day support this year its been wonderful….

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