Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Market wrap

Thanks to everyone who came down to perth upmarket last sunday it was a fab day! although I was only there for a few hours... my husband & brother did a great job looking after the stall... yes they did get some strange looks and a little bit of 'sooo you two guys craft this stuff huh?...' which they brushed off!

I did manage to have a bit of a look around this time and it was fantastic to see so many creatives in the one place.

If you are in Perth, dont forget that Subi Upmarket kicks off tonight at 5pm on Rokeby rd (towards the Hay st end) we wont be there this time (hopefully the drunken family member of the stall holder near us from last year wont be there either... no names) its a great night with loads of entertainment, yummy food and great stalls!

ps. jus burgers is just around the corner from here so maybe treat yourself after all that hard work shopping

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SAMANTHA said...

Those badges are so cute!