Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Season for sweet treats

One of my earliest Christmas memories would have to be hanging around my Nan's kitchen whilst she baked, whipped, moulded, cut, creamed and made sweet treats that smelt so yummy i wanted to lick every spoon and bowl in the kitchen! (this could be where my food love started?)
This year i thought i would get into the 'mum baking' mode seeing as though i need to work on my skills for next year, and i must say that i was kind of pleased and surprised! i didnt attempt my Nan's Christmas cake recipe it seems quite above my skill level for now, but i did find one from here. I also made a batch of rocky road the recipe was given to me from a friend at work, the best rocky road i have ever had and everyone at work drools over it too... although its probably the ugliest sweet treat in the world, who cares though when it is oh so yummy!

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