Tuesday, February 17, 2015

february wall art

I have just finished my february piece for Lilla Rogers assignment bootcamp, like January I found it a little tough at first to do the mini because I didn't know what the end piece would be! This time around the mini was something I was quite familiar with, enter.... Vintage plates depicting scenes! I have always loved the figgjo flint range of ceramics and have spent many (too many?) hours eyeballing the beautiful designs, as much as i love them they arent really in my style of drawing, dont get me wrong it would be AMAZING if I had those skills! I also discovered Bjorn Wiinblad and the arabia finland pastoraali collection how could I have missed these? I sketched quite a few concepts and I am so happy that I did because I intend to use these to make a few giclee prints, this is not really a theme as such that I would have really thought about drawing, but it something that I am so glad that I explored, definitely more exploration in the future too, it is so open ended!

The major assignment was to create a piece of wall art for the home decor market, but the twist was that it had to be on wood!  It would have been great to be able to have painted this assignment (if I could actually paint?) but I couldn't source any actual slices of wood so I mocked up digitally. This assignment was a huge challenge because I used photoshop to work up my final, I am usually quite a vector girl (lady? now over 30...)   I think being a graphic designer and having it always drummed into me that 'this needs to be scaleable, 300dpi at final size blah blah blah' I have never let myself really explore photoshop for designing? sounds a little crazy but seriously I was having this conversation with a fellow friend designer the other day and she felt the same about always having to have crisp scaleable graphics! anyway I thought that I would feel a bit bummed about not trying to paint the final piece but I really got SO much out of this assignment and learnt so many new things that it doesnt even matter.  I am completely happy with the final piece and cant wait to get cracking on a little series of these, enjoy!

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