Thursday, April 23, 2015

april promotional poster

Long time no typing! I have just submitted my April piece for Lilla Rogers assignment bootcamp and once again... could not be happier with the way it has turned out. I honestly thought that taking this course would be a good idea in terms of creative development but I had no idea that I would absolutely love each final piece so very much.  This months mini was all about hand lettering, although hand lettering has always been around it seems to be quite on trend at the moment. This mini really took me back to studying graphic design (in the early 00's!) in my first year of study we had quite a few hand skilled classes like life drawing and some of which i can't remember the names of... but I certainly remember painfully mixing gouache and painting a million dot shapes to make a colour chart (scarred for life) but one of my favourite subjects from study days would have to be typography.  I guess I was really lucky to have two very amazing and inspirational lecturers in this subject, both of which really motivated me. Becky Chilcott from Chil3 and also Jude Bunn from The Glow Studio, it was also really uplifting to see two wonderful women in graphic design who were successfully running their own studios, in what sometimes feels like a boys club industry. I started by looking at letterforms and drawing a few conceptual sketches. The subject matter for the text was  'the global art gathering' which is an event to be held in Brighton UK in June presented by Lilla Rogers Studio. The major assignment was to create a promotional poster and postcard for the event, the brief detailed quite a few possible areas for imagery exploration including; brighten landmarks and art communities/related arts materials. This month we had to work with a specific colour palette which I absolutely loved and could really relate to.  This brief was actually live, so whoevers artwork is selected for use will be compensated by the studio.  I really love the fact that Lilla has so much faith in her students to produce amazing work. So here is what I came up with, I hope you love it as much as I do!

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