Sunday, April 19, 2009

a delightful weekend.

So, this weekend i got a year older, had a surprise limo ride + fab dinner (best lamb ever!), attended a beautiful wedding, ate a whole lot of junk food, contemplating my new branding, started my new stock for dorothy&evelyn and made a card!
Below is the cute card I made it measures about 12.5cm square and is based on one of the birds from my canvas art. Yes I am still a little fixated with the whole sewing thing... I thought I might have some better luck combining it with paper something i know a bit more about.
It turned out okay, i think contrasting papers might be the go next time. I think i might give this card to my mum for mothers day, I might ad in a printed piece of craft card for the greeting. I quite like the button flower (simple stitches, my kind of sewing!) maybe i might do a couple with really large colourful button flowers....anyway mum i hope you don't read this or it might ruin the surprise handmade card!

I can feel a button phase coming on...

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harlequins party said...

cant wait for next upmarket!