Monday, April 13, 2009

what have i done this weekend? alot!

asides from eating mountains of chocolate and celebrating easter... i went to spotlight on satuday and bought a few bitsnpieces, i always feel like such a fraud when i visit this store mainly beacuse i dont sew, and somehow i think everyone there knows that and so i always feel like i have to pretend to know how to sew? crazy, i know but it seems to always happen! anyway i thought i wuld give the sewing a rack this weekend i made the giraffe finger puppet pictured below, which i sewed by hand (dont ask how long this took me, and dont look too closely!)
well, it is 4.47pm and the long weekend of bunnies + chocolate seems to be officially ending...the words 'oww, work tomorrow...' are starting to come out and I am now asking myelf 'what should I take for lunch tomorrow?' let the working week begin...

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